If you want to grow...

You need to sell more systematically.

You need tools that let your salespeople spend more time with customers.

You need to get your new products to the market more successfully.



Induce growth. Just the right amount of structure for your company. Less is more. Tailored models and processes, not one-size-fits-all. Manageable, simple, usable. 

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go to market

Interface between sales and product development. Do the right things, not just things right. Allow creativity without inviting chaos. More successful, faster.

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The most powerful operative system for B2B sales and relationship management. Forget useless reporting. Forget boring recurring routines. Forget frustration. Smile.

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brutal honesty

We bring the underlying issues into focus. Even when they're ugly. We help you solve the issues that really matter. And we also tell you if we've made a mistake. Full disclosure.

no isms

We don't preach any business religion. We don't bring you copy-paste solutions made for someone else. Frameworks and theories are just tools. Great solutions are made and fitted based on your needs.

hell yes or hell no

We work with projects, people, and companies that inspire us. We don't work with useless projects or disrespectable people just for money. Change is an emotion, not a transaction.