design for growth

No structure leads to chaos. Too much and you suffocate. The right amount of structure supports systematic learning and growth. Don't count on being consistently lucky.

focus on implementing

It's a long and dark path from a flowchart to daily action. People hate change. A poorly implemented process is worse than no process at all. Implementation is - at least - half the work. 

lead THE process

Stop filling that excel report and maintaining the process. Time to look at the big picture. Shift your focus to leading process, people and results. Sales systematization makes it possible. 

keep it simple

Don't make things more complicated than they are. Nobody will use your three-dimensional matrix models. Design for use, not for a perfect world. It's not magic.


  • Customer base analysis
  • Strategic segmentation
  • Customer relationship management
  • Sales process
  • Metrics & KPIs
  • Target setting & sales incentives
  • Sales management
  • Organization
  • Competence development
  • Sales tools

wake up. it's 2017

Your gate model and innovation process from 1997 are past their sell-by date. Someone is coming to eat you. It's time to talk about a new approach. 

Get everyone involved

It's impossible to innovate with no common language. Engage your teams. Give them the tools to think and discuss. Capability development is more planting than planning.

find your path

Who are your customers? What problem are you solving? Existing or emerging market? Explore or execute? How will you measure progress? There is no copy-paste recipe.


The product is ready. Channels saturated with your unique value proposition. Job well done. Right? Not yet. This is where most products fail. The journey is just beginning.


  • Decide the problem you are solving
  • Define customer relationship
  • Understand the market you're entering
  • Identify critical assumptions
  • Choose the right metrics
  • Decide what success looks like
  • Build and enable the team
  • Test sales & soft launch
  • Launch sequencing
  • Commitment & ownership