The missing link in B2B sales and relationship management processes

Do you want to spend more time with your customers?
Do you want to understand their business and true needs? 
Do you want to automate repeated tasks in your sales process?

Most of the unsolved problems and dysfunctionalities in B2B sales are results of something missing in the sales process. Based on my 20 years’ experience in corporate and business banking and various discussions with business leaders over the past years, I have witnessed the same problems in almost every sales organization.

I will give you three simple examples of these problems:

  1. Inefficient daily routines: People in sales waste a lot of their time with too many IT systems, instead of focusing on the customers
  2. Lack of systematic customer understanding: There is lots of data, but it’s hidden in different silos. This makes it almost impossible to draw a clear picture of the relationship with each customer
  3. Only part of the offering is available for customers: Sales people love to talk about the products and services they know best. It might be terrifying and out of their comfort zone to open discussions about new solutions they don’t know or even understand.

The core problem is that there is no system supporting the whole sales process, end to end. For this problem, PACE is the solution. 

PACE is not a CRM, but it is fully integrated to your CRM, ERP or legacy systems. It is an operational tool for the actual customer work and it’s available as SaaS. In my opinion PACE is great, but our customers say that it is the best system for actual customer work. It reduces daily routines and enables systematic understanding of customers. It makes them feel more professional in sales since it helps them do their daily work easier and better.

PACE platform provides: 

  1. Simplicity. One system for Sales. A platform to do all daily work, and give advise on how to do things better and in the right way – just as designed in the company’s sales process
  2. Efficiency. When the sales process and all relevant data are in the same system, a lot of repeating daily tasks can be automated
  3. Excellence. The service appears consistent to your clients with high quality in every touchpoint.
PACE enables you to focus on your customers and know them better.

But these are just the basics. True understanding of the customers’ businesses takes you to the next level.

The basic rule of B2B sales is to understand the business of your customer to the extent relevant for your business. With PACE, this means that all relevant customer information is always available, even during the meetings. In the meetings valuable information can be easily collected and the system enables collecting customer information as data points. This allows the whole organization to utilize it, and the data can be analyzed for more accurate and meaningful targeting of marketing and sales activities or even automated creation of individual need based value propositions. It is possible when all relevant data related to a customer is in the same place.

Which brings us to my favourite point… breaking the corporate silos for the benefit of the customers. Based on collected customer data PACE recommends suitable next steps and solutions – already during the customer meetings. Normally this might require use of several specialists, which typically takes time. With PACE, it is possible to scale the best knowledge and expertise of the whole organization for the benefit of all the people doing customer work. 

But seriously... can PACE really do all this? Only the users can answer this question. 

Our client Fennia has done it. They had exactly the problems I described earlier. They chose PACE as their B2B sales system and they are really happy they did. 

The results achieved:

  1. 96% of Fennia’s PACE users think PACE is very useful in their daily work
  2. They have saved 25 000 hours every year from daily routines. Things that you just must do before, during and after customer meetings
  3. + 62% increase in the hit-rate of proposals due to higher quality of meetings and by being able to visualize the benefits and the value of their services better for their customers
  4. One more thing they really like. Now when a new sales representative starts working, he or she is ready to conduct risk management discussions with corporate customers representing different industries – and to cover the whole service offering in just 1 week by using PACE.

Read more about Fennia’s results here.

So, there is an opportunity to finally fix that missing link creating frustration in your B2B sales and to save thousands of hours each year to be spent with your customers. You can take the first steps towards more satisfied people in sales, systematic improvement of your customer experience and sustainable growth of your business already today. Just give me a call +358 50 351 4188. I will tell you why this is the most impactful investment you can make to take your B2B sales to a new level.