What we look for when we interview job candidates

You might have noticed that we are looking for new people to join our team. We would like to share what we are looking for and what to expect when you are discussing a job opportunity with us.

What we are trying to find out:

  1. Does the applicant fit our team, culture and values?
  2. Has the person suitable skills, experience and attitude to succeed in the job?
  3. What value can the person bring to the company and team both short- and long-term?
  4. How fast will the person get up to speed and how much support is needed?
  5. Has the person special skills that open opportunities we currently don’t have?
  6. Is the person interested, willing and capable of learning new things fast?
  7. Has the person a realistic picture of the job he is applying for? Would she be happy here?

The process

Part 1 – the application

Send us an application and tell us what caught your interest. The form also asks for a link to your LinkedIn profile. During this part, we do our best to evaluate how well your experience and skills fit with what we are looking for. Our goal is for this part to be light. I know from personal experience, how useless it feels as an applicant to fill in long job applications and write cover letters, when you don’t know what the opportunity you are applying for really is about.

Part 2 – usually coffee or lunch

The point of this is to get an initial feeling about each other. How the person might fit our team and tell more about us. This part usually ends with the question: “Are you still interested?”

Part 3 – informal interview

If the answer is yes from both sides, we set up a meeting at our office. The idea is that the candidate can get a feeling of our work environment and meet some members of our team. In the first interview, we tell a lot about ourselves and how we like to work. The point is to try to give the candidate a realistic picture of what kind of company we are and what working here could mean. The outcome being finding out how the person would fit our team and contribute to it.

And we ask the same question again: “Are you still interested?” and if the answer is yes, we go forward to the part where you are asked a lot of questions. Those selected to the fourth part are also given a case to solve.

Part 4 – the interview

This part starts with the candidate presenting his solution to the case given. Like in most consulting type interview questions, it is a benefit to talk through the thought process and how you have come to your solution. It’s not bad to ask questions either, since it can be a good way to show what you have taken notice of. There is usually no right solution. How you have approached the case is more important. Try to show us what you can do!

In the rest of our questions, we will ask you to give a lot of examples of situations, where you have demonstrated what you are telling us. We will not ask you to list your strengths and weaknesses nor to sell us this pen (even though there is an actual point behind the question that often surpasses the person asking the question). During this part, we also talk more seriously about practical things, like money and starting dates etc., if these haven’t come up earlier.

If things go well, we will ask you for a list of references. People we can call and ask about you.

Part 5 – time for decisions

We try to be fast.