Not digitalizing customer work results in a bad customer experience

It’s surprising to still meet people who think digitalization is just a new buzz word. Another trend that will be hyped for a while, before things return to normal. To the way it was. Back to decent...

Yes, I know digitalization is a big thing... software and computers are everywhere... but it will not affect me and my business. I don’t work with those kinds of things...

Yes, I know, but digitalization is already an old thing for us. We have been on social media for many years… we see ourselves as forerunners...

Yes. Digitalization has already happened. Why do we even need to talk about it?..

Or probably the most common… yes, I know. We use computers and robots for a lot of things. But why would we do that serving or selling to our customers? We cannot have robots handle happiness. We want to ensure a great customer experience. We don’t want to be faceless. We want to create a personal journey for the customer. We truly care about the clients we work with. Great customer experience cannot be digitalized.

Every time I hear something among these lines my head starts to hurt. Not from disappointment or frustration. The thing is, I feel pity. I feel sorry for the business owners and directors who don’t want to see what is coming. They are on the Titanic, and they have already seen the movie! There is only one way it can end. Deciding not to explore and take steps towards a digitally enhanced way of doing business, is deciding to hit the iceberg.

Just imagine being in a relatively stable business environment. Your competitors are growing for example 20% a year. Imagine what that will mean for your business in a few years.

But I think the biggest misconception is, that NOT going digital will somehow make your customers happier. Thinking you will be able to deliver better and more personal service. What you are actually doing, is the opposite. In the past you have had to consider business decisions among the lines of effectiveness and service level. Or personal versus self-service. The thing is… in the digital world you no longer need to choose. By increasing the level of automation and by providing proper digital tools for customer work, you will be able to produce a significantly higher level of service for a much smaller cost. It means that you can create much more value for a smaller price for both you and the customer.

Again... just imagine what it means, if you choose not to go digital. Your competitors will have more time than ever before for their customers, they will be able to provide a much higher level of service and they will be able to do all this with a smaller price tag than you. In comparison to the competition, you end up providing a worse customer experience for a higher price AND smaller profit margins.

Going digital is not a choice between a good or a bad customer experience. It is a choice between a good or an excellent one. It is a choice between going forward or going out of business.