3XO looking at things

…that got us here  

A bit over a year ago, Christian, Kimi and I started to have an idea of founding our own company. We had worked tightly together on a project for a few months, and it had been both fun and professionally educational. At that time, we didn’t have a precise idea of what we were going to do, but continuing together in consulting felt like a welcome idea.

During the summer we had numerous discussions, dinners and a weekend retreat at a summer cottage in Salo, and discussed in depth about our own values and what we respected in both personal and work life. These values and principles still remain the basis of what we want to be and do. By July we had a clearer idea for our company: we wanted to continue management consulting with an increased focus, deepen our expertise in selected areas, and go international – from the very beginning. We partnered with Rohea Oy, found our own spot at Rohea’s office in Kaisaniemi, and, on July 28th 2015, 3XO was born.

We had joked earlier about an anonymous blog, “corporate mindfuck”, where we could publish our thoughts on some of the typical yet absurd ways of working and procedures that we had experienced in corporations. The joke evolved into our official blog (no need for anonymity) and we’ve received a lot of encouraging feedback on what we’ve published here previously. A special thanks to all of you who have helped us share and spread the word! 

The first year of 3XO’s existence was eventful to say the least. We started working with clients in Norway, Sweden and Finland during our very first weeks. From day one we have had the privilege of working with projects, people, and companies that inspire us, Terveystalo and Halton to name a few, and we owe a big thanks to all our clients for the enjoyable collaboration in past and current engagements. At the same time, we worked on getting the company up and running in practice – statutory obligations, website, social media presence, team meeting practices, board meetings, office supplies, afterworks, ToimistoTuparit a.k.a. Launch Party – the list goes on.

As our first year went on, our thoughts developed as well. We started with a focus on sales systematization, sales tools and go to market related consulting projects. Yet, as months passed by, we wanted to move from pure project business towards more scalable services as well. We decided to increase our focus on the commercialization and development of the PACE platform and enhance our collaboration with Rohea, while keeping sales systematization and sales tools the foundation of our core competence. In hindsight, this was a natural development path for us. Processes don’t implement themselves, and digital sales tools provide an efficient way to operationalize systematic sales practices across an organization – after the way you need and want to work is defined.

A year is a long time for a startup, and our team has changed as well. Kimi decided to pursue new challenges during the spring, and is now in Customer Development at Humap Software. The change was grand, but in all good spirits (Kimi: we miss you at the office!). Our team also grew with our first employees: Miikka started in March and Sampo joined the team in June. Our newest team member Ismo has been with us for a few weeks. 

…where we’re heading at now

Autumn is a good time for sales activities, and that’s what we're up to now. We started ramping up systematic sales operations already before summer, and we’ll be continuing in sales activities in the upcoming months – i.e. we’ll be in touch! If we don’t reach you, you can always give us a call as well.

We’re also continuing consulting projects, and the commercialization of PACE platform. PACE has proven to be an effective tool in sales, account management and customer surveys at Fennia, increasing sales (+12%) and saving time previously spent on repetitive routine work (more than 25 000 hours), and the platform is in continuous development technically as well (Hint: Rohea is looking for product oriented people to join the team).    

In addition, we’ve worked on our first white paper that’s going to be published next week. The white paper is about sales systematization, what benefits sales systematization provides, and what to consider when systematizing sales operations. A bit longer read than our blogposts, but more food for thought if you’re interested in the topic. 

Overall, we’re aiming at steady sustainable growth, both in terms of business and team size, and we’re going to need awesome new members to join our team. If you’re interested, be in touch and tell us a bit about yourself! And also how you look at things. We’re always interested in elaborating on how we look at things ourselves.